Read and Earn Upto 100 USD Per 5 Minute

Hey everyone! Do you even think that someone pay you for reading something? Really? That’s true. Be a voice actor and earn upto 100 USD Per 5 Minute of work.

Today I am talking about a website where different people submit their scripts, book, video, cartoon etc to read. You can just read that scripts or books and record your voice while you reading, that’s all. Send that recorded voice to the person who submit the job or who hired you and get paid. Paying rate is just awesome at They pay minimum of 100 USD for per 5 minute reading.

How Much They Pay?


Earning system is very simple. Follow simple 5 steps-

  • Go to
  • Sign Up as a voice actor
  • Pass the simple test.
  • Get hired by different clients.
  • Complete job, submit it and get paid.

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