Huge opportunity to earn free money from online by completing surveys, watching videos, referring your friends and much more.

You can earn money by-

  1. Completing Surveys
  2. Taking Quiz
  3. Watching Videos
  4. Signing Up to Websites
  5. Referring Your Friends and more.

How to earn money from PointsPrizes?

3 Simple steps you need to complete to earn money from PointsPrizes-

  1. Go to and create an account (Copy and Paste No email confirmation is needed.
  2. Take surveys. complete offers, watch video and earn points.
  3. Withdraw your earning via PayPal where minimum withdraw is only 3000 Points (Possible to earn in a week). 3000 Points is equal to 20 USD.

Hint- Please just copy and paste the URL to your browser. We usually not love to promote our referral link or any site link. That’s why you not find any site with link.

Please Remember- Earning is not guaranteed. We not recommend you to invest anything into this site. Take advantage of free earning- that’s what we recommend to you. We are not affiliated with this site.

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