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Want to earn money by testing website? Like testing website button, link, page, navigation, menu, checkout, product lists. Sound like crazy right! but true. You get paid for testing other website. But the question is “why they will pay us for testing their website? what is their benefit?” Well. Think like you have a e-commerce website where you sell products. Someone come to your website and hah what happened? He/ She want to buy one product but didn’t understand actually where to click? Because it’s not clearly visible.

For avoiding this type of issues and for increasing website user experience, brands or company run usability tests campaign. People join their campaign, browse their website and give their opinion while browing website. Company or brands collects that opinion and send that all information to their developers and tell them to update it. That’s how they become benefitted.

How To Earn Money By Testing Website

Today I am talking about Analysia. With Analysia, you can make money by testing other websites. Three simple step to earn-

Test Websites Earn Money
Test Websites Earn Money
  • Join Analysia.com
  • Test other websites and give your opinion while browsing websites
  • Record your screen along with your voice and get paid.

Analysia paid you $10 for your 10-15 minutes usability test work.

Am I need any skill to join Analysia? Actually not. If you have an computer with internet connection and a microphone to record your voice, you are good to start making money with Analysia.

How I will Get the Testing Job and How I will Get Paid?

 Test Websites Earn Free PayPal Money
Test Websites Earn Free PayPal Money

When company get one testing campaign, company will mail you like- “hey! We have task for you. Come and complete the task and get paid!”

Analysia.com pays you via PayPal.

That’s all I have to share. Check out this awesome website and earn some free bucks.

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