Coinslice is a complete free bitcoin earning site where you can earn free bitcoin using multiple way.

  1. You can earn free bitcoin every 1/10/60 minute by solving captcha. You can choose like when you want to claim- every 1 minute or 10 minute or 60 minute. The more you claim the more you earn.
  2. You can do shortlink task to earn money. There 14 fixed shortlink available every single day.
  3. You can play coinfilp and other game earn more.
  4. You can refer your friend to earn 50% commission.

Basically everything in Coinslice count as a slice where 10000 slice is equal 1 USD. You can withdraw your earning via F-Pay and Expresso where minimum withdraw is only 1 Slice and withdraw is always instant. Review Review

Go to to start your earning. As we not do anything for commission, we don’t share here any link. You can just copy it and paste to your browser to go.

Please Remember- Earning is not guaranteed. We not recommend you to invest anything into this site. Take advantage of free earning- that’s what we recommend to you. We are not affiliated with this site.

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